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The Leader’s Edge Series—Preparing for Performance

December 17, 2021

WAS HELD: January 18, 2022

In this session of The Leader’s Edge, Preparing for Performance, we will discuss a simple formula for achieving the performance you need from your team. We will identify the causes of performance issues and the red flags that you should be aware of. You will leave with the tools you need to achieve strong performance.

Business meeting

C-Suite Partnering with Board Members = Dynamic Success

November 5, 2021

WAS HELD: December 2. 2021

View the recording and download the presentation.

Join us as we discuss how boards and company leaders can effectively navigate a relationship to maximize corporate performance. Guest speakers: Al Rajwani and Diane Miller

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back, Looking Forward

November 2, 2021

WAS HELD: December 14, 2021

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A wise person, unknown, said, “Use your past to fuel your future.” That is exactly what we will learn to do in this exciting workshop. You will be introduced to tools to consider important learning from the past and plan for an even more exciting and positive future. These tools will help you to look at your life experiences holistically and begin to plan your path rather than allow “things to happen to you.”


Cultivate Gratitude and Make Every Day Thanksgiving

September 10, 2021


Watch the recording and download the handout!

Join Jacque Burandt as she serves up a feast of ideas to increase appreciation and joy in our personal and professional lives.

conference for BG

What is your Leadership Worth?

September 10, 2021


Watch the recording and download the PowerPoint! Four Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaches will explain a measurable and sustainable approach to bolster your leadership.

Albert Almanza

Simplifying Attraction and Retention of Employees

August 26, 2021


In this workshop, you will learn three important principles from an international human resources expert who has applied them to simplify recruiting and retention and improve results.

Changing Minds – Changing Actions

Changing Minds – Changing Actions

August 8, 2021

WAS HELD: August 17, 2021

Do you want to change the actions of people in your organization? Before you can change a person’s actions, you must help them change the way they think.


Board Diversification: Moving from Interest to Action

August 4, 2021


With increased focus on diversity stemming from investors, stakeholders, and regulators alike, the need for diverse voices in all aspects of a corporation has become critical. Boards must lead, and the onus is on them to take up this mandate to unlock the organization’s potential and set the tone at the top.


The Team Development Department at My H-E-B!

June 15, 2021

In this interactive discussion, we’ll explore what’s worked for H-E-B as a company, how it fits with our culture and values and, if it seems right for you, determine how to apply it to your own teams.

Business mentoring

Leveraging Mentors and Sponsors

May 27, 2021

Watch the recording!

WAS HELD: June 15, 2021

In this interactive virtual workshop, we will hear the real-life stories of how mentors and sponsors have impacted the careers of leading executives.