Cultivate Gratitude and Make Every Day Thanksgiving


A Complimentary Virtual Workshop

WAS HELD: Tuesday, November 16, 2021; 9:00–10:00 AM (CST)

With the holidays upon us, everyone’s thoughts turn to celebrating. Join Jacque Burandt as she serves up a feast of ideas to increase appreciation and joy in our personal and professional lives.

In this inspirational, interactive session, we’ll

  • Provide practical advice on how to use gratitude to build engagement, teams, culture, customer satisfaction, and profitability
  • Share tips on how to add gratitude to our skill set
  • Practice exercises to cultivate gratitude toward others
  • Learn best practices from renowned organizations (some local!) that have incorporated gratitude to create great places to work
  • Connect recognition, emotional intelligence, appreciation, and gratitude for a powerful cultural “cocktail”
  • Apply gratitude as an antidote to difficult times
  • Spread joy and appreciation throughout the session

View or download the workshop PDF handout: