The Team Development Department at My H-E-B!


A Complimentary Virtual Workshop

Thursday, July 15, 2021, 9:00–10:00 AM (CT)

As leaders we hope our teams will operate at their optimum and deliver great results! They’re human though and sometimes that doesn’t happen. Do you ever wonder why your team isn’t gelling or performing the way you hoped they would? Are deadlines and opportunities for collaboration being missed? At H-E-B we’ve found the strongest teams are built on trust and care for each other.

In this interactive discussion, we’ll explore what’s worked for us as a company, how it fits with our culture and values and, if it seems right for you, determine how to apply it to your own teams.

Guest Speaker: Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant

For the past 25 years, Mike Bryant’s work has focused on leadership and team development. He started his career at AT&T’s School of Business supporting corporate-wide, individual, and leadership development programs. He then moved on to the International Partnerships team where he worked on AT&T’s international venture in Mexico helping set up a new operating company with the deregulation of long-distance service. After AT&T, Mike formed a small consulting group with his wife and two colleagues. During that time, he did some work for H-E-B, a large US based retailer with operations in Texas and Mexico. Through that work, Mike was asked to join H-E-B’s Leadership Development team. That was 22 years ago. Part of what has kept Mike at H-E-B is the company’s strong culture and true care for employees and customers. Mike’s entire career with H-E-B has been focused on the development and growth of the company’s leaders and teams. He started in leadership delivery and was then asked to lead the Leadership Development Team. He was responsible for all leadership development and career path programs for every level of leadership at H-E-B. In Mike’s current role, he is responsible for on-boarding new H-E-B executives and is the company’s only internal executive coach. He is a UTSA graduate with a BA in Psychology and holds an MAA in Organizational Development from UIW. He also holds certifications in the Neuroleadership Institutes, Brain Based Coaching Process, HOGAN, MBTI and MHS EQi assessments. He lives in San Antonio with his wife and two sons.

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