An Organizational Resilience Company

Leading with a local presence while serving a global community

Greene and Associates, Inc., an organizational resilience company and partner with Career Partners International, has provided executive coaching, career transitioning, corporate mentoring, and leadership development services to businesses of all sizes since 1996.

Barbara A. F. Greene, CEO and owner, and her diverse team of professionals are recognized for customization of services, flexible approach, and client-centered focus. We:

  • Provide a complete range of talent management services
  • Partner with our clients to achieve results
  • Collaborate for success

    International Coaching Week: April 29–May 5, 2019

    Greene and Associates, Inc

    Connecting Your Leader's Future: Executive Coaching

    We use a customized approach that accelerates and develops your organization's emerging and existing C-Level leaders.

    • Coaching is aligned with the vision, mission, goals, and values of the organization.
    • We improve leaders' strengths to help with their blind spots.
    • We help coachees develop an emotional intelligence leadership style.

    We focus on immediate and strategic issues relative to your company's success:

    • Executive Presence
    • Team Building
    • Team Coaching
    • Workplace Relationships
    Greene and Associates, Inc

    Connecting Your Company from the Inside: Corporate Mentoring

    Our mentoring programs fulfill a variety of business needs. They develop executive talent, fast-track newcomers, and contribute to attracting and retaining leaders.

    Clients view us as a resource to:

    • Establish structured mentoring programs
    • Enhance existing mentoring initiatives
    • Develop and lead mentor/protege training programs
    Greene and Associates, Inc

    Connecting Your Employees to the Future: Career Transitioning

    Greene and Associates, Inc. provides organizations with career coaching for employees at every stage of their career, from those moving into new roles to those exiting the company.

    • We provide personalized service for the appropriate level of collaboration—from a partner in a law firm to skilled workers in an industrial plant.
    • True consultants respond to the individual needs of employees whose lives are impacted by change.
    • Our team is available, knowledgeable, caring, open–minded, and positive.
    Greene and Associates, Inc

    Connecting Your Team to Top Performance: Training and Development

    We offer an array of training and development programs that build teams, enhance skills, and improve performance.

    We provide: