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Executive Edge: Joyful Leadership

As we wind up 2023 and jump into the holiday season, many of us are in the 2024 planning phase. We often juggle multiple roles, from business leader, to parent, to partner, to holiday planner, to organizer, to chef, to teacher, to finance expert, to friend, to mentor, to coach – the list goes on. So often, we get caught up in our “to do” list and forget what truly brings us joy. The holidays are a great opportunity to reconnect with that joy, bond with family and friends, and reflect on the successes and wins of 2023.

What if we started 2024 a little differently?

What if we kicked off the year with joy at the forefront?

What if our leadership was grounded in joy?

Why is joy important as a strategic foundation?

How does neuroscience impact our joy?

How could joy positively affect your company’s culture, your bottom line, and your overall performance?

Please join Barbara A. F. Greene and Deanna Leonard for a Q&A session, where we learn how Joyful Leadership can positively impact our business, our employees, our coworkers, our families, our bottom lines, and our lives. Deanna will help us uncover the power that joy has on your bottom line – with stories, case studies, fun facts and some joyful exercises that are bound to create value and put a smile on your face.

Deanna Leonard

Atlanta, Georgia
Consultant, Coach & Speaker

Deanna Leonard, a certified coach, Duke Global MBA, has 30+ years of experience delivering value in corporate America, running P&L’s, leading marketing, merchandising, and design organizations – and creating value worldwide. Deanna uncovered just how important JOY is when it comes to moving businesses forward.

This month’s program honors TEDxSanAntonio, part of a global movement of independently organized TED events with one mission in mind – providing a platform and fostering dialogue in communities around Ideas Worth Spreading. TEDxSanAntonio is gearing up for our next Salon event – Compassion, Caring, Community on May 18, 2024, centered on ideas about fostering compassion for others and building communities centered on compassion. Contact TEDxSanAntonio to Speak, Volunteer, Sponsor, or Partner with us.


Jan 11 2024


Central Time
9:00 am - 9:45 am

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