How Executive Leadership Can Support an Organization’s Mental Health Thru a Crisis

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An Executive Leadership Forum

Held: March 4, 2021, 9:00–10:00 AM CT

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How is the mental health of your workforce? What can Executive Leadership do about it? Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 75% of people feel socially isolated, 67% of people report higher stress, 57% are feeling greater anxiety, and 53% are emotionally exhausted, according to a global study of over 2,700 employees across more than 10 industries undertaken by Qualtrics and SAP. Survivor guilt is being felt not only from those who have lost loved ones, but also by those who have kept their jobs in the wake of massive layoffs. The mental health of your employees has a huge impact on productivity and profit. 

In this Executive Leadership Forum, we will discuss what measures can be taken by Executive Leadership to support their people and help reduce the mental health impact of the pandemic.

Panel Presenters:

Susan McDowell
LifeWorks Austin
Susan McDowell is Chief Executive Officer of LifeWorks Austin, an Austin, Texas organization focused on fearless advocacy for youth and families finding their pathways to self-sufficiency. The organization serves more than 4,000 families annually through Housing, Counseling, and Workforce/Education services. The primary goal of LifeWorks Austin and Susan’s leadership right now is to make youth homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring in ATX.
Susan has served on numerous planning bodies and Boards and has received numerous awards, including the “Ernst and Young Central Texas Social Entrepreneur of the Year” and the “Anita and Earl Lifetime Achievement Award for Ethics in Business.” Susan holds a B.A. and M.A. from Vanderbilt University and the University of Texas-Austin, respectively.

Mary Beth Fisk
CEO/Executive Director
The Ecumenical Center for Education. Counseling. Health. 
Mary Beth Fisk has over 35 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector as a visionary, executive, clinical research scientist, and community builder. Currently she serves as the CEO and Executive Director of The Ecumenical Center for Education. Counseling. Health. She is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of South Texas’ largest blood, tissue, and cellular therapy center. Mary Beth has initiated and implemented meaningful programs that still stand today, including Gencure (a cellular therapy & tissue engineering program involving umbilical-cord).
Mary Beth has impacted a wide variety of medical organizations and projects both nationally and internationally. Today, she channels her exquisite gifts and passion into helping people find hope and healing at The Ecumenical Center. Her genuine practice and encouragement of transparent communication and collaborative leadership have certainly raised moral, united the team, and encouraged creativity at the Center. Mary Beth’s ability to recognize and nurture talent make her an asset to this organization’s future. She is the visionary to lead a nearly 50 year legacy into bright revision and growth. The growth of The Ecumenical Center under Mary Beth’s leadership has been outstanding.