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Executive Edge: Bringing AI to the C-Suite

Is your C-suite using artificial intelligence? We all want to be more efficient, effective, and profitable – can AI support those goals? And if so, how?

On April 12, Joel Trammell, founder of CEO-S and a pioneer in the field of technology and CEO education, will discuss a practical and forward-looking approach to using AI in the executive suite. Joel has twice founded and led startups to nine-figure exits and has served as CEO of the network services provider Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX). He speaks from 30+ years’ experience as a CEO, board member, and entrepreneur.

Join us as Joel and Barbara A.F. Greene explore:

•          How CEOs should think about AI as a technology that their organization needs to adopt.

•          How to judge whether an AI application is useful enough to make it part of your structure. 

•          Practical AI applications for the CEO and executives.

•          Who should be using AI in your company.

•          The impact AI can have on the people side of the business.

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Joel Trammell

Founder, CEO-S

Joel Trammell is a serial entrepreneur, a veteran of the CEO role for 30+ years, and a leading CEO educator. He has twice founded and led startups to nine-figure exits and has served as CEO of the network services provider Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX). Joel regularly shares his expertise on the chief executive role, speaking at events nationwide and contributing to publications including EntrepreneurForbes and Inc.com. He is the author of three books, The CEO TightropeThe Chief Executive Operating System, and The Manager’s Playbook, and is chairman emeritus of the Austin Technology Council. Most recently, he cofounded CEO-S, a system that supports CEOs in creating predictable business performance. Joel currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three children. In his free time, you might find him on the tennis court.

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