The Chief Executive Operating System: The Essential Playbook for Success in the CEO Role

Joel Trammell & Sharif Sakr

For many leaders, becoming CEO is the ultimate career achievement. But once you get there, you haven't summited Mount Everest - you're only at base camp.

Now it's up to you to learn the unique set of skills required to do the CEO job effectively. And make no mistake, they are very different from those you used in previous managerial roles.

In The Chief Executive Operating System, veteran CEO Joel Trammell and executive coach Sherif Sakr present a concise, systematic guide to being a truly great chief executive. Filling a wide gap around CEO-specific guidance in the management literature, the authors draw on decades of leadership and client work to deliver a practical CEO operating system that works. You will learn strategies for handling the peculiarities, pitfalls, and pressures of the job, gain tools and frameworks for building organization-wide excellence, and understand how it all fits together into a comprehensive picture of the high-performing CEO.