The definition of “retirement” as we know it is changing. The options are limitless. Only by exploring all these options — in the context of personal circumstances, dreams, and needs — can one begin to develop a retirement plan that brings the fulfillment we aspire to achieve.

Let us help you find your path.

Retirement today doesn’t necessarily mean stopping work. For many it actually becomes a time of major renewal – a time to purposefully refocus and rebalance one’s lifestyle. Career Partners International does not assume any particular type of retirement lifestyle. Instead, our New Horizons program serves participants by helping them identify and plan for new ways of living that speak to individual passions and aspirations.

The New Horizons program helps participants who are at any point in their life path or contemplating a transition from their current position to create a self-portrait that includes their personal needs. Using this self-portrait, a Career Partners International Certified LifeOptions© Retirement Coach guides participants down an educational pathway, encouraging them to cast aside old, limiting assumptions and become fully invested in the design of a new and rewarding lifestyle.

Download a flyer about New Horizons™ Retirement Assessment.

Download a flyer about New Horizons™ Retirement Program.

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