PowerAmp™ Coaching

An Innovative Professional Development Solution Amplified by Technology

What if everyone on your team had access to a coach?

PowerAmp Coaching is a skillful combination of scientific-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology paired with live coaching to provide a professional development solution for companies of all sizes. 

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop professionals and leaders. It is a crucial component in helping your organization reach its goals. While coaching is effective, traditional coaching is often reserved for the top 5% of executives. The remaining 95% of a company’s team make the biggest impact in an organization yet they receive little professional development. 

PowerAmp Coaching solves this problem by providing personalized, scalable, coaching to potential leaders, amplified by technology.  

With PowerAmp, organizations can:

  • Unearth hidden talent
  • Provide an individually customized coaching experience 
  • Track progress and gain insight about your team through AI technology
  • Uncover deep understanding of each team members’ risk value, progress, mindset, sentiment 
  • Continue to provide one-on-one coaching experience 
  • Reduce risk on your coaching investment 

PowerAmp is the only solution on the market that combines globally experienced coaches with artificial Intelligence to enhance and track the progress of coaching programs. These coaches follow proven coaching methodologies to garner insights, shift perspectives and drive change.

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The PowerAmp™ Process

  • Orientation: Provides details on how to use PowerAmp coaching and what to expect during the process.
  • Coaching Kick-Off: Users and PowerAmp Coaches become acquainted and determine expectations and requirements for the process.
  • Assess: Users participate in self-assessments and review 360° reports generated by the app with their coach.
  • Prioritize: The PowerAmp™ Coach and the user prioritize development goals and decide on e-Coaching and journaling frequency.
  • Ongoing Coaching: This process will provide virtual Coaching complemented by e-Coaching via the app.
  • Practice: The app sends the user mobile push notifications to complete the eCoaching and journaling as decided during the prioritization process.
  • Review: The PowerAmp™ Coach and user will use the app to review and evaluate progress.
  • Evaluate: The app reminds the user to re-take assessments for further development.

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